En påminnelse till vuxna - våra barn är fantastiska!

Jag brukar sätta en ganska svår uppgift i händerna på nya elever för dem att fundera över. Det är lite som en variant av den den klassiska "Det här är jag"-texten, men med en liten twist. Jag får lära känna mina elever på ett helt annat sätt än var deras föräldrar heter och jobbar med eller vad de tycket om att göra på fritiden. I stället får jag veta hur de tänker och vad de tänker om ganska stora frågor som rör dem själva, deras uppväxt och framtid.

  När jag läser de texter som jag får in från 12-15-åringar blir jag alldeles varm i hjärtat och mitt jobb som lärare får plötsligt en ny både viktigare och djupare mening. Och jag har länge önskat att fler människor, lärare och vuxna, skulle få ta del av vad dessa unga tonåringar skriver när de utmanas att fundera lite extra.

 Uppgiften ger jag både på engelska och svenska, beroende på grupp, men resultaten är alltid de samma.

Välkomna att läsa, med mina elevers tillåtelse, utdrag ur texter där eleverna skriver "A letter to my unborn child!" och jag hoppas de kan påverka dig på samma sätt som de påverkar mig.

Pojke, år 9,engelska:

"Hello my unborn child, this is your father writing.

I’m writing this letter to you so  you will be prepared for all the things that will happend in your life. You can say that this will be like an early experience boost, like in video games.
    Wheen you start school a smart tip is to get a friend, or friends. Someone you can trust, someone you really like and enjoy being with. And remember that not all of your friends will remain friends with you when your’re grown up [...]

School is important and you need to do your homework etc. But you don’t need to stress out just because you think your work isn’t  good enough. This isn’t just about school, life has its difficult parts but it will get better. You can say that  life is like a video game, it has easy parts and difficult parts. But in life there’s no way to cheat or skip the hard parts, you’ll need to face it and go through it even if it seems impossible. However when your through the tough part you will discover that life is going to get a lot better."

Flicka, år 9,engelska:

"Dear child.

I’m not sure if you’re going to read this, but I really wish and want that.
Anyway, I hope that you have lived your life until now, and that you have enjoyed every moment in your whole life even if I have’nt been there for you so many times. I’m sorry.

Now when you are a little bit older, maybe you need some advice from me, your mother, to the future. With my experiences i know a lot of things that you should’nt do, that you should do and also things that you need to think about.

I don’t know if you have any friends yet, if not, go and talk to people and be kind. Listen to them, and the two almost most important things in life is to respect other people and be yourself. It’s not just important for friends, it’s for boyfriends, girlfriends or whatever you are into and all the other peoples you’re going to meet too.

Flicka, år 9,engelska:

"You are turning ten years now, big girl.

For the next coming years you will experience so many new things. All of it won’t be that fun. But you will learn and have fun, I promise you that.
Do things that feels good and make you happy. It might take a while, but please try not to care what others think. You will meet new people and you won’t be friends or like everyone, but there will be people who will like you for who you are. People will always judge you, because that’s what people do, but don’t forget that you are enough for the persons who wants to be with you. They will not judge you by the clothers you’re wearing or your looks, they will love you just for you. I can’t tell you that you’re only going to meet nice persons out there. Many of them will be cruel to you to get what they want. The true friends you will find keep them close and never let them go. You and your friends will have so much fun together. Don’t try to be like all the others, be who you are and your friends will love you for you, and you will love them because they are who they are. "

Pojke, år 9,engelska:

" Hi my child! This is a letter from me, your dad, when i was going my last year at *** school (9:th grade). I’m really looking forward to raise you and to help you accomplish your life the way you want it to be. I remember that it seemed very hard for me to know what to do with my life when i was in your age, and i suppose you will have as much questions about life as i had. Who will i be when i grow up? Where will i work and with what type of people?
Nowadays i have learned that it is a lot easier than it seems to be. As long as you do the right things you enjoy and like to do, those hard questions you might have asked yourself before will brighten and you’ll understand a lot more about life than what you used to do.
Unfortunately, sometimes you have to do things you don’t like, you didn’t count to do or even bad things you have to get through. Despite the fact life comes with setbacks, the most problems gets solved and turns into someting good. Right in that rough moment it might be hard to see, believe and follow that small little glimpse of light, but trust me, it will get better afterwords. "

Flicka, år 8,engelska:

" This is a letter for you, from me as a 13 year old girl in 8th grade. Here are some tips that you maybe gonna have some use of, when you're in my age. First of all is to be careful with your friends.
When you have a hard time you need your friends. Don't ever let yourself ruin it. Of course there's gonna be fights sometimes but don't ever do something you'll regret, you may not ever be able to fix it again. But If some things went wrong and you made a mistake that's okay. Explain everything for that person and give the person time to forgive. Just tell the person how you feel about everything and tell everything you want him/her to know. No'ne is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. But always try to do the right thing to. Remember that if you're friend made a mistake. Then you would want her/him to forgive you. Sometimes you just need to believe in forgiving, give people a second chance. Take your time but don't let your true friends go. "

Pojke, år 8, engelska:

" Hello dear son.
I’m just waiting now. Waiting for you. Waiting for your life to begin. And I will not tolerate any lie from you.

You’ll probably not goin’ to read this but here is some advice for you:
First of all, you need to focus on school to get a good job and all that kinda stuff.

I know that you probably are going to hate school but you need to do the best that can."